Hello, my name is Andrea Tripepi. My story is similar to those of many other guys who studied but failed to find a job pertinent to their studies in Italy. I was born in Reggio Calabria on August 20th, 1979. My father was a policeman and my mother a housewife. When I was a child I liked to play outside with friends; I hated studying and reading. My mother tried to make me read books. Unfortunately I found those books terribly boring. Nevertheless, even as a child I carefully observed the world around me. Later on in my childhood, I began to love music and motorcycles.

In that same period I started to find the rigid moral rules of our society insufferable. I also did not like the sugarcoated reality I saw on the news. A leaflet about the terrible conditions of people working in some multinational sport shoe or clothing company made a great impression on me. I couldn’t stand that the cost of work represented such a small percentage of the total cost of the product.

After receiving a diploma in agriculture, I started to study biotechnologies at the University of Pisa. I had hoped that my efforts would be rewarded by an adequate job. Throughout 2006 I lived in Českè Budějovice (Czech Republic) in order to preform experiments that allowed me to write my thesis. In 2007 I got my masters in plant and microbial technologies that, according to my parents, should have easily translated into a stable and profitable job. From March to September 2007 I got a fellowship at the department of Genetic Improvement of Forage Plants of CNR (Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca – National Council of Research) in Perugia. Despite being involved in a child abduction (my son has been abducted thanks to some corrupted judges in Italy), I worked for years as lab technician, I have got the title of PhD in Plant Molecular Biology at Mendel University (Brno, Czech Republic) and published several scientific publications. I currently work at the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Writing a book was a life long dream, but only just in 2007 I really started to write a book (later called “Operation Alzheimer”), but it’s writing was slow because I wanted write this pamphlet as better as I could (hypocritical reason) and because I was lazy (true reason). A lot of people told me that writing and publishing a book was very difficult, my reply arrived in october 2011 when I have sent the book to the editors and when the pamphlet was published in may 2012. The rest is a recent history: presentations in Patti (Italy) and at the book exposition of Imperia (Italy). I am very proud “Operazione Alzheimer” got good reviews (, and has been appreciated by readers. The rest is a history yet to be written and I am looking forward to live it…