Probably you expect I would tell you my mission is to write books with excellent artistic quality to save the world from ignorance and corruption. I think that if I would say that, probably you would think my book is a terrible shit and that I say that to dupe the fools who believe it. What I can say is that I wrote “Operazione Alzheimer” to make the readers laugh and reflect at the same time.

It is true that I often perform a hard satire toward some individuals and media phenomena, therefore you may think I am a person with no scruples that criticize everybody. Even if it may appear strange I also have a moral. I try as hard as I can to avoid humor on easy stereotypes (ie. For me it would be easy to make satire on the problem of pedophilia in the Curch, but I did not because I think that most of the priests are usually not pedophiles and therefore such generic humor would be unfair and miserable), I also avoid to talk on private issues or to loot (ie. Like Studio Aperto, just to make an example) on people who are already victims of tragic issues.

Considering my low possibilities, I obviously can not hope to significantly contribute to make justice on the issues I talk about in the book, nevertheless I’m happy to have the possibility to say my opinion on some topics I’m very interested about.

What do you say? The quality of my book? I think that reading my book is better than a thousand words, you can do it directly in this website and in the book stores.